Services we provide


Shipyards & building of yachts

Mengi YaY shipyard in Turkey
Safwa Marine shipyard in Abu Dhabi
Southern African Shipyards


Yacht refit & repair services

Exterior and interior refit services
Engine room services
Electrical & automation services
Hydraulics & mechanics services
Painting, fairing & finishing
Composite repairs


Management & insurance of yachts

Mossberg Yachts is proud
to cooperate with Safwa Marine
and provide 1st Class Yacht
Management solutions for Yacht owners.

Mengiyay has established over the years a close cooperation with several reputable naval architect companies around the world in order to provide our customers with the latest yacht designs.

Mossberg Yachts can build customized, semi customized or deliver yachts to high shipyard standard concept designs.

In addition to build yachts for tomorrows customers, we can refit and repair yachts, including execute dry dockings.

For further information, please kindly send us a message and our dedicated personnel will contact you for a pleasant and constructive discussion.