Mengi Yay Yachts

Mengi Yay is one of the most long-established yacht building companies in Turkey and has performed excellent craftsmanship since 1964.

The shipyard was established by the honorable Mr. Ramazan Mengi in Ayvansaray as a small workshop. Mr. Muzaffer Yay became partner with Mr. Ramazan Mengi in 1985 and they combined their surnames, Mengi Yay, which is the shipyards name today.

The adventure began in Ayvansaray with 3 meters of boat construction, continued moving to Nuh Industrial Site Cooperative establishment in Tuzla in 1984. The company began constructions of steel boats in 2006 and today the shipyard is building mega yachts in their own yard hangars. The successes of Mengi Yay were confirmed in 2011, 2012 and 2015 with the Yacht and Boat Construction award of Gold Anchor Maritime Success Awards and İstanbul Exporters’ Union (İEU) Turkey Third awards.

As one of the leading yacht builders in Turkey, the shipyards facilities are located in Tuzla Shipyard Zone and consist of two hangars with 50 meters and 26 meters enable us to build two 45 meters boats at the same time and 100 meters and 26 meters dimensions convenient to build larger yacht sizes. In addition the administration, engineering and accountant departments are located on a 4 floors office building.

Additionally Mengi Yay operates a facility of 10 acres of land in Yalova where they complete the shell construction of our steel/aluminum yachts.

Mengi Yay works in harmony and flexibility with any designer or design studio its customer prefer to use in order for his/her project to become a reality.

The Dutch designer Jaron Ginton has his signature on many yacht designs built in Mengi Yay recent years. Mr. Ginton is behind the engineering and design of the 45m mega yacht “AQUARIUS” built by Mengi-Yay. Mr. Ginton is still one of the important designers who Mengi-Yay cooperates with for design and engineering.

Mengi Yay has recently together with the highly reputable Venetian Yacht Design in Italy, developed a 36, 42 and 48 m Mega Yacht design. All designs are very modern, excellent specifications, beautiful interior and are among the most “sexy” designs in their sizes.

For Mengi Yay, one of the most important principle, with regards to design, is a “feasible design”. For an initial process starting with lines only on a two dimensional plane and to complete and deliver a yacht as a result of a very close cooperation with the designer, interior architect and especially with the yacht owner, gives us a tremendous pleasure.

Mengi-Yay is able to offer the company’s in-house well experienced and highly productive design team for both turn-key design solutions and provide support to our customers nominated designers from around the world.

We can build customized, semi customized or deliver yachts to a very high shipyard standard concept designs.

Mengi Yay Yachting was granted the Yacht and Boat Construction Award of 2011 Gold Anchor Maritime Success Awards of which 6th was organized with cooperation of World Newspaper, Perşembe rotası and Deniz News Agency.

  • Mengi Yay Yachting was granted the İstanbul Exporters Union (İEU) Turkey third award in 2012.
  • Mengi Yay Yachting was granted the İstanbul Exporters Union (İEU) Turkey third award in 2015.

Motor Yacht

The shipyard has so far built motor yachts between 19 – 45 m in length.

Their latest yacht built “Aquarius” received The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017 winner.



Mengi Yay has built Trawler designs between 19-40 m in length. At the moment the shipyard is working on a 32 m Trawler. We can build trawlers in wood- expoxy laminate, Steel or in aluminum.


Sailing Boat

Mengiyay has built sailing yachts of 32, 35 and 44 m in length. To realize ones dream to build and own a large sailing boat is perhaps the ultimate way to enjoy the freedom on the seven seas. To feel the wind providing power to the large sails, pushing the sailing boat across the blue sea is a fantastic feeling of freedom.



A Gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel (the most common design has two masts).
Mengiyay has readymade designs, 27,34 and 35 m in length, for excellent Gulet yachts for private customers or companies chartering out the these kind of yachts in particualr in the Med Sea area.


New Design

Mengi Yay is working with reputable naval architect companies worldwide. In this section we will present innovative and beautiful designs, both exterior and interior, which we hope will become a basis for further detail discussions with new or repeated customers.