Turkish Maritime Administration and Türk Loydu which is assigned as “Notified Body” with an identity number of 1785 by the European Commission according to the Directive of Recreational Crafts No: 94/25/EC, signed an “Assignment Protocol” at Swiss Hotel.

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The Shipyard ‘LP-Brodogradilište’ is situated on the island of Lošinj, in the Southeastern Europe on the northern Croatian Adriatic coast, 125 km from the largest Croatian port Rijeka. With over 100 years of tourism tradition and it’s long and famous shipping and shipbuilding experience. The island of Lošinj is today an inevitable station for numerous tourists and Yacht owners.

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Lusben Shipyards

Lusben is globally recognized as the definitive ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all types of luxury yachts refit and repair projects.
The company operates with the very best and modern facilities, expertise, technical know-how, highly skilled and proud craftsmen, capable of handling yachts from 20m to 140m.


Shipyard in Turkey

Mengi Yay is one of the most long-established yacht building companies in Turkey and has performed excellent craftsmanship since 1964. The shipyard was established by the honorable Mr. Ramazan Mengi in Ayvansaray as a small workshop. Mr. Muzaffer Yay became partner with Mr. Ramazan Mengi in 1985 and they combined their surnames, Mengi Yay, which is the shipyards name today.

Safwa Shipyard in Dubai

Safwa Marine Shipyard in Abu Dhabi

Safwa Marine is the largest and most modern shipyard in the Middle East, delivering every kind of services for yachts and super yachts among the most important international brands.

The company, founded in 2013 is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ship Building.  Thanks to continuous investments in infrastructure and professional training program, has become a leader in the pleasure marine industry.


Southern African Shipyards

Southern African Shipyards is strategically located on the east coast of South Africa in Durban, one of Africa’s busiest ports. Established in 1960 and a proudly South African company, we have the largest shipyard in Southern Africa consisting of 11 hectares with a useable water frontage of 300 metres.


Terranova Italian Yachts

The story of Terranova Italian Yachts began in 2015, although the history has strong ancient roots which fully identify with the visions, desires and passion of its initiator.

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Filippetti Yacht

Filippetti Yacht was built on the experience and craftsmanship of Mr. Fausto Filippetti, co- founder of Pershing Yacht and a respected figure in the nautical sector for over thirty years.
Now accompanied by his children, Martina and Giovanni, the Filippetti fleet has grown to include three distinct categories: Flybridge, Sport and Navetta.