Our Yacht Management solutions includes:

Mossberg Yachts is very pleased and proud the cooperate with ICB which is specialized in and well experienced in registration of any type of Yacht, obtaining of flag documents, statutory and class certificates, or any other document or approval of your Yacht.


  • Input on annual budgets and financial planning.
  • Monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenditure.
  • Generating receipts for funds and disbursements of all goods and services.
  • Processing wire transfers or cheques for payment of invoices.
  • Payment of crew salaries.
  • Arranging for cash to be available to captains for on board expenditures.
  • Checking captains’ monthly accounts and integrating expenditures into Safwa Marine office accounting system.
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly statements, along with expenditure analysis.
  • Preparing annual financial reports.
  • Arranging the payment of yacht expenses through any of our offices worldwide, if so required.

Administration & Insurance

  • Advising on any regulatory changes affecting the Yacht’s operation.
  • Arranging insurance cover for the Yacht.
  • Administrating insurance policies.
  • Handling of claims relating to the Yacht and crew.
  • General support for captain and crew with customs, cruising permits,  shipping, port agents, travel and local contacts.
  • Emergency response services 24/7.

Crew division support service

  • Liaising with Safwa Marine Crew Placement Division.
  • Assisting captains in crew placement.
  • Verifying and renewing crew certificates of competence and licenses.
  • Issuing captain’s and crew contracts.

Mossberg Yachts is proud to cooperate with Safwa Marine and provide 1st Class Yacht Management solutions for Yacht owners.

We strive to understand our customers various challenges and needs they face during their ownership of their Yacht.

Together with our esteemed customers we find the solutions and various options in order for their ownership to be as smooth as possible providing the joy and satisfaction our customers intended to experience at the time they decided to build or purchased their Yacht.

Logistics and Purchasing

  • Arranging bunkering and ships agents, on specific requests.
  • Arranging payment for above services.
  • Liaising with captains, obtaining quotes and arranging for the purchase and displacement of spares.
  • Forwarding of crew and yacht mail.

Yacht Registration

  • Initial registration
  • Re-registration
  • Name changes
  • Ownership changes
  • Re-flagging

Technical Management

  • Planning maintenance schedules with review of their effectiveness with periodic inspections.
  • Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel.
  • Assisting on board engineering staff with shipyard specifications and trouble shooting.
  • Liaising with Class and Flag State surveyors.
  • Arranging the supply of necessary stores and spares.
  • Appointing surveyors and technical consultants, as necessary.
  • Handling of all activities relating to Flag State compliance and Classification Society requirements.
  • Advice on maintenance and renewal of vessel certificates, licenses, classification status and Flag State requirements.