Mossberg Yachts will do its outmost in order to secure the best terms and conditions for insurance for Super/Mega or Giga yacht owners and managers.

We provide perhaps the best and the most comprehensive yacht insurances available in the market today. Our partners in-house legal and technical expertise enables us to provide the cover and added value any yacht owner may desire.

Below are merely examples of insurance areas we can cover for your yacht.

  • Hull Machinery
  • Total Loss Insurance
  • War Risk Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage
  • Fine Art Insurance
  • Yacht’s Cash Insurance
  • Personal Effects Insurance

K&R: (Kidnap and Ransom)

We can also cover K&R when we are covering the war.

This can be done on an annual basis or on a declaration basis.

Cyber Specific risks:

Clause 380.

This is a pure re-instatement of the 380 exclusion for a vessel’s underlying H&M, IV, LoH and/or WAR policy.

Marine Cyber Threat & Extortion

This is cover for both vessels and land-side. Covers cyber threat/extortion/ransom, and includes various service aspects.

Physical loss/damage:

  • Wet and Dry Tows (not scrap voyages)Port Risk
  • Contract Cancellation
  • Guarantee Risk
  • War (Waterborne agreement)
  • MII (Mortgagees Interest)
  • Submarines and ROVs
  • Builders & Conversion Risk
  • Delay and Non-Delivery
  • Submarines and ROVs
  • Alternatives in regards to a Loss Of Charter (Separate policy, only when our partner is claims leader for the H&M)

Please kindly send to your request for a quotation for your yacht.